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General Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can treat a range of acute to chronic musculoskeletal injuries. We've designed our physiotherapy service to ensure you feel confident in a plan to get you pain free and on your way to recovery as quickly as possible. We utilise a broad range of treatment techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and dry needling to help eliminate your pain. Following this, we use exercise rehabilitation to rebuild your strength and mobility to achieve your goals.

Conditions we can assist with include (but is not limited to);

  • Lower back pain including disc, facet joint injuries and sciatica.

  • Neck pain including wry neck and headaches.

  • Shoulder pain including rotator cuff tendinopathy or tears, bursitis and 'frozen shoulder'. 

  • Acute and chronic knee injuries, including patellar maltracking, meniscus tears and osteoarthritis.

  • Hip and groin pain.

  • Foot and ankle pain including sprains, ankle instability and overuse conditions.

  • Elbow conditions such as 'tennis' and 'golfers' elbow.

Our Approach

Strategic approach to recovery
Initial Assessment



We allocate an extended initial consultation (45 minutes) for all of our consultations to allow us to complete a comprehensive assessment, provide you an accurate diagnosis of your injury, alongside any contributing factors which relate to you. This is an important component in getting you pain free and back on track, as many injuries which do not improve are related to misdiagnosis or a treatment plan not tailored to you. We also also discuss an estimate of the time it will take for you to be pain free and back to your physical best.

Importantly if we do not feel we can assist, we have a range of referral partners including Sports Doctors, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Podiatrists and other allied health professionals which we work collaboratively with.



For many presentations, getting pain relief, restoring mobility and range of motion are key milestones in rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists are trained in a variety of manual therapy techniques, including dry needling, joint mobilisation and manipulation, trigger point and soft tissue massage techniques. 

In contrast to this, some conditions require a period of immobilisation or protection. We are also trained in a variety of taping techniques, and stock and variety of braces to assist in supporting joints. 

Treatment Plan
Rehabilitation Protocol



In many conditions, being in pain can result in, or be a result of a lack of physical capacity. Rehabilitation is often a vital component in getting you pain free and performing at your best. As clinic exists within a 500 sq metre gym space, we are able to take you through all components of rehabilitation and observe you complete any exercises prescribed. We'll film any exercises we prescribe to give you confidence that anything you need to do outside of the clinic you do correctly. For more information regarding our approach to rehabilitation, click here.

For some longer term conditions, we also provide a integrated rehabilitation membership, including all components which you may need in getting back to sport. This can be more cost effective option which includes a similar service professional athletes recieve.


Achieve Your Goals

Many conditions require follow up consultations to ensure you're on your way to achieve your goals and improving. We will ensure you only see the same physiotherapist, so you do not need to repeat your story multiple times.


We also do not overservice, and will not see you for a single session more then what you need to achieve your goals. 

Successful Return to Good Health
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