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Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have experience from a range of levels of sport including amateur, sub-elite and professional levels. We understand no two injuries are different, and will prescribe a specific rehabilitation program that is tailored to your injury and sport. Our model ensures that you return to your chosen sport at a high level and as quickly and safely as possible.

Conditions we can assist with include (but is not limited to);

  • Shoulder dislocation, subluxations and instability. 

  • Spinal and lower limb stress fractures.

  • Hip impingement and dysplasia.

  • Groin pain including osteitis pubis and pubic symphyses overload.

  • Acute knee injuries including ACL, PCL, collateral and meniscus injuries.

  • Soft tissue injuries include calf, hamstring and adductor strains.

  • Ankle sprains and instability. 

Our Approach

Strategic approach to Recovery
Assess Protective Measures



Most injuries require a period of reduced load or protection to allow the injured region to settle. We will provide you expectations in how long this may take, and provide treatment strategies to accelerate this process.

Following surgery, many surgeons require a period of reduced loading to allow the operated site to recover. We will work with your surgeon in following their required protocols, and are up to date with the latest techniques.

During this, there is often some rehabilitation that can be commenced in other areas to prevent a reduction in strength to non-injured areas.


Load Introduction

Once the injured site has settled and your symptoms are under control, we will commence a graduated exercise program to reload the injured region. Within this stage, we will reintroduce proper exercise technique and reintroduce fundamental movement patterns which will be required in later stages of rehabilitation. We will often film and provide visual feedback to help you understand and execute any rehabilitation properly.


In our experience, many injuries which do not succeed in rehabilitation is because of poor technique or exercise execution. As a result, this stage is important to set you up for success.

Introduce Loading
Strength Development


Strength Development

At this stage your symptoms are under control, you're moving with good technique using the correct movement patterns. We will then measure your strength in different positions using our VALD strength testing equipment and other testing protocols. Following this, we will then prescribe a graduated strengthening program tailored to you with specific strength goals for you to work towards based on your assessment and testing. 


Speed & Power

The final stage of your rehabilitation is the most important in returning to sports and athletic performance. Within this stage, we will use our VALD forceplates alongside other testing to measure your speed, jumping capacity and explosiveness. We will then progress your rehabilitation program to target any residual athletic deficits. As part of this, we will set you up a program for you to continue to maintain performance and reduce the risk of injury recurrence.

Develop Speed & Power
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