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Performance Rehabilitation Membership

Returning from long term injury can be a grind. There's a lot involved and so it can be challenging knowing who to trust or how to progress.

Whilst the traditional, session to session physiotherapy model is appropriate for many injuries, we feel it often does not meet the needs for athletes or adequately prepare them for return to sport. 


We've structured our performance rehabilitation model to give you all the tools and support you need, giving you the confidence you need to get back.

This all inclusive model is structured based on professional sporting models. 

Performance Rehab Membership Offer

You will receive all of the above for the duration of your rehabilitation at a fixed rate of only $90 per week.

Physiotherapy Sessions

All memberships start with 4 x 30 minute kick starter physiotherapy sessions, aimed to assist in the immediate recovery from surgery or injury.

Following this and as your demands transition to a gym based program, you'll receive fortnightly 45 minute extended physiotherapy sessions for the duration of your rehab.

Wellness Tracking

Rehabilitation is often a journey. We get will be times your tired, fatigued or stressed and that your training will need to accommodate this. We track this in TrainHeroic and adjust your rehabilitation accordingly.

Tailored Gym Program

Your gym program will be completely individualised to you. We base this on your injury or surgery, goals or sport to return to, assessment findings and phase of your rehabilitation. 

Strength and Force Plate Testing

We will closely track your rehabilitation progress through use of our VALD Forceplate and Dynanometry testing. This can assist in providing both the athlete and physio feedback on specific areas you need to target, alongside predicting when you're able to return to running and sport and other milestones.

TrainHeroic Access

All of your rehabilitation will be programmed on an app called TrainHeroic. Everything you need on your rehab is here, including exercises, reps, sets, weight, videos, intensity tracking and everything else. We will update this as often as required based on your performance plan.



Gym Access

Your membership includes a membership for use of gym facilites here at Boss Gym. We have everything you need, so you don't need to go searching for equipment or a gym space to complete your rehab.

Individual Performance Plan

We will create an individual performance plan to help keep you organised and use to provide an overview of your rehabilitation plan.

Group Drop In Sessions

You have the option to come into our group drop in sessions, in which you can complete your rehabilitation, ask questions and get your technique checked whilst completing your rehab.

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